Capture the Ocean


This is your moment...

- Are you great with a camera - even at sea?

- Do you love the Ocean?

- Free in August 2023 and want the trip of a lifetime?

- Join us as complementary media crew FREE!

It COULD be you - apply before Feb 28th

What's Involved?

You will join either our Croatia trip (1 week), Scottish trip (10days) or our South Atlantic adventure (6 weeks), all starting in August 2023

- You will be welcomed on board and be treated just like a regular 'paying' member of crew - get involved in sailing, join visits ashore - learn from our incredible Skippers - basically, have a fabulous time

You will also capture the journey in as much detail as possible - snap a sunrise, capture a sail hoist, film a meal being prepared. You will bring the spirit of a Wavysail adventure to life on film and photo

- Each day, you will prepare a digital diary of your best images and short films to send to us (as bandwidth allows!)

- At the end of the trip, you will be able to use everything you captured for your portfolio & personal use - but not sell them to a 3rd party.

You will also grant Wavysail the rights to freely use the materials. We will credit you for your work.


Who are we looking for?

- You already have training in media or photography.

- You know what it takes to capture  'professional' images and film, especially in challenging environments such as at sea.

- You are energetic and willing to 'get stuck in'.

- You love adventure, travel and exploring the world.

- You will be able to get along with others in the close confines of a yacht.

How do I apply?

1) Read the FAQs below and make sure you meet the criteria

2)  Collect at least 5 of your own photos which "Capture the spirit of the Ocean"

2) Write us a short paragraph to explain why you should join our trip, which trip (Croatia, Scotland or St Helena) you would like to join. Check out the itinerary on our website for details

3) Outline what (if any) relevant sailing experience you have

Send these to us at "" before 28th February 2023.

- If you have any questions, just drop us an email !

- We will then shortlist potential candidates and contact them for a short interview and to answer any questions. We will make any offer to join the trip by March 31st.

FAQs and Criteria

You must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • In good physical health
  • Able to get yourself to and from the departure / arrival port at your own expense
  • Meet all visa / entry requirements for the countries we will visit
  • Be fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  • You will not be paid for the trip
  • You will grant Wavysail free use of all materials you take during the trip
  • You will retain the right to use the materials yourself freely, but not to sell them. 
  • Sailing experience would be an advantage - but is not a requirement
  • Before applying you should consider the challenges of taking pictures at sea however - if you've never been on a sailing boat before, it will be much more difficult for you to get great shots as you will not be used to the motion or challenges of life on board.
  • You will bring your own equipment (camera etc) which we will insure up to a maximum value of £1,000 in case of damage or loss
  • You will need to bring clothing suitable for life on board (we will share a suggested kit list) which is at your own expense - We will supply all safety equipment and can supply foul-weather gear if required.
  • Our trips include accommodation (on board) and food / drink. However, there are also opportunities to eat ashore and to join trips ashore - these are not included in our trip fees. Therefore, you will want to bring some 'pocket' money with you.
  • We are covering the cost of the 'trip cost' which means you do not need to pay anything to us
  • We are not covering things like clothing, trips ashore or the travel cost to get to / from the trip.
  • You should budget for these items and recognize these are not covered by Wavysail
  • The price of our trips are £3,500 for the Croatia trip and £9,500 for the St Helena trip. You will not need to pay these costs.

Yes, we only have 6 places per trip and we are granting one of those places on the basis we get some amazing footage / pictures. You will therefore need to join the full trip

We know things don't always work out and we have a generous cancellation policy - However, if you drop out, in principle we would require you to pay us a portion of the trip fees in line with our standard policy, up to 100% , See our booking policy for details.

In reality, we will treat every case on an individual basis. Talk to us early, be open and transparent and we'll do our best to find a solution.

We recommend you take out travel insurance and medical insurance suitable for the trip.

We will insure your camera equipment up to a maximum of £1,000