Fully funded places on incredible ocean adventures for those who couldn't otherwise join us

Wavysail Open Oceans grant recipient helming our Scottish sailing adventure

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Access to the outdoors and to adventure can be life-changing but often, perceived or real barriers stop those who would benefit most, from getting involved.

This grant provides a fully funded place on our adventures for anyone who would not otherwise have the means, or the confidence to join our trips.

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Kate Appleby of Adaptive Adventures in partnership with Wavysail

Our Story

We set up Open Oceans as a grant in partnership with Kate Appleby, founder of Adaptive Adventurers. 

Wavysail and Adaptive Adventurers share a passion for accessible adventure - regardless of ability, confidence, special needs or financial status. 

Provided we can ensure your  safety, we are open to everyone. No previous sailing experience required. No macho stereotypes. 

Just fantastic, life-affirming sailing experiences open to anyone with a passion for exploration.

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How to apply

Anyone can apply for themselves, or you can nominate somebody you believe deserves a place. 

You apply to join a specific trip location using a simple sign-up form. We close the nominations about 8 weeks before the trip date.

We review all nominations and make a decision of the recipient of the grant based on the applications. We will then inform the recipient of the grant of the good news. 

We will then get further details to understand how we may need adapt things to suit any specific needs and to ensure that we can carry the recipient safely. You can read full details in our terms and conditions (see the section on Open Oceans Grant)

CROATIA (Relaxing)

A week of hands-on sailing with one of our world leading skippers, exploring the beautiful Croatian Coastline.


Scotland (Stretching)

The perfect combination of Bucket List sailing and sights, with the opportunity for some real adventure sailing including a long passage.


St Helena (Epic)

A fully funded place on our St Helena island expedition in partnership with St Helena. "Saints" or those directly connected to the island community will be prioritised.

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Grant Recipient - Read Rohan's Story

Andrew Cowen

Second St Helena Open Oceans Grant available

Andrew Cowen

Saint Helena joins "Open Oceans"

Andrew Cowen

Open Oceans - First recipient sets sail



You need to be 18years old or over at the time of the trip - we do not set an upper age limit.

The grant covers 100% of the cost of the trip itself. 

It does not cover spending money during the trip, nor travel to / from the trip. 

If these are going to be a challenge, let us know in the application - sometimes we may be able to support thanks to the generosity of our brand partners, but this is on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed

No - we will loan all safety and specialist equipment that you need. This will be freely available for the duration of the trip.

We do send out a kit list which is generally layers of clothing (depending on the location of the trip) - if you need anything, let us know in advance and we will do our best to help.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the natural, open Ocean. Sailing gives confidence, challenges us and can be uplifting. We believe that anyone with the spirit of adventure should be able to experience it, no matter their financial situation, background or fears.

We created Open Oceans to give this opportunity. It is aligned to our wider business philosophy of social and environmental responsibility.

Our trips are all designed to be accessible even to those who have never sailed before.

That said, we do grade our trips as Relaxing, Stretching or Epic and we would only recommend epic voyages to those who have spent at least a little time sailing prior to this trip.

In terms of fitness - the ability to move safely around the yacht is important but you do not need to be "super fit" - If you are awarded a grant, we will call you and chat through any mobility or health concerns you might have - provided we feel we can carry you safely and adapt to your needs, you are welcome on board.  

If you are unable to join - we will try to offer an alternative date or possibly a different trip. 

There is no 'cash alternative' to the Grant. 

If we deam that we are not able to welcome you safely on board, or you decide to cancel the trip, we will offer the Grant to somebody else (as you can imagine, we have many applications and only a few places)