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Embark on the extraordinary

The "Expedition Club" by Wavysail Ocean Adventures offers exclusive membership for passionate adventurers seeking unique maritime experiences. 

Our diverse members, from seasoned sailors to newcomers, share a love for exploration and unforgettable adventures. Together, we form a vibrant community united by our passion for the sea and the promise of lasting memories.


Be part of something unique

As an Expedition Club member, you'll enjoy exclusive perks tailored for unforgettable sailing adventures, including priority booking, discounts on other adventures and gear, invites to member events, personalised trip planning, and access to exclusive destinations. Our goal is to build a community of adventure enthusiasts and provide unique experiences at sea.

But there's more: Expedition Club members will have inside access as we build the world's first truly "net-zero" adventure sailing yacht with Innovation Yachts and Expedition Zero.

Witness its construction firsthand, receive regular updates, and attend private events. You could even sail on this revolutionary vessel during sea trials in 2025 and the Northwest Passage attempt in 2026.

Membership is a one-time payment and lasts three years until December 2026, offering discounts on Wavysail adventures worldwide. Higher tiers guarantee participation in sea trials, with the top tier securing a spot on the Northwest Passage crew.


How to join

Select your membership

Expedition Club membership comes with amazing benefits including exclusive gear, unique opportunities to meet the team and substantial discounts on all Wavysail adventures right up until December 2026.

All this gives you access to incredible sailing opportunities around the world at discounted prices which could easily cover the cost of membership.*

*The membership is a one-time non-refundable payment and all benefits are valid for  3 years.

Club Supporter


Membership benefits valid until December 2026

  • 10% off any Wavysail adventures

  • Meet the team events: skipper, crew and team
  • Volcanic fibre "Club" membership card
  • Expedition Club polo shirt
  • Access to private members area on Wavysail.com
  • Quarterly updates

Club Founder


All the benefits of Club Supporter membership PLUS

  • 15% off any Wavysail adventures

  • Named plaque mounted in the yacht
  • Trip to innovation yacht shipyard
  • Expedition Club founder's jacket
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Adventurer Crew*


All the benefits of Club Explorer membership, PLUS

20% off any Wavysail adventures

  • One FREE Wavysail place on our Scottish adventure
  • Your Reserved berth on the first voyage of the "net Zero" yacht

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Expedition Crew**


All the benefits of Adventurer membership PLUS

50% off any Wavysail adventures

  • Your allocated place on the Northwest Passage attempt on board the worlds first "Net Zero" adventure sailing yacht
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*Adventurer Crew

Includes an allocated place on one of the inaugural voyages of the Expedition Zero yacht. 

Once the yacht is completed and launch date is confirmed, you will be asked if you wish to take up this place. If so, you will pay a discounted "berth" fee of £3,500 to join any voyage before the Northwest Passage, subject to there being space available. 

No prior sailing experience is normally required to join these trips and they are covered by our normal terms and conditions.

In the event that the yacht is not launched, no berth fee is due and you retain all other benefits of Adventurer membership, including the discounts on all Wavysail adventures.

**Explorer Crew

Includes an allocated place on the Northwest Passage subject to passing an interview to gauge your suitability to crew this challenging passage. 

If successful at interview, you will be invited to join the expedition club at expedition crew level, by paying the membership fee of £7,500. At that point you will get all benefits of this membership, which includes 50% discount on all other Wavysail trips.

If the interview doesn’t yield success, or you decide not to take up the offer of membership, after interview, we’ll refund any money paid 

Once the yacht is completed and launch details are confirmed, (expect Q1 2025) you will be asked if you wish to formally join the expedition. If you accept, you will then pay the berth fee in agreed instalments. If you decline at this stage, you will not pay the berth fees and will still enjoy all benefits of Club membership until end Dec 2026.

The berth fee includes specialist survival gear which is yours to keep, a sea survival course and a high latitude qualifying passage, as well as the opportunity to join one of the other inaugural voyages. You will then join the yacht as we attempt the Northwest Passage - likely in August 2026. See the details on the Northwest Passage here Details of North West Passage


Unlock a world of perks designed to enhance your maritime adventures

Social events

Be part of social events, including "Meet the Skipper" and crew gatherings

Regular newsletter

Receive quarterly updates as we progress with the build

Club Kit

Get our exclusive club kit including an Expedition Club polo shirt

Wavysail Discounts

Up to 50% in all Wavysail trips booked before December 2026

Visit Les Sables D’Olonne

Visit to Les Sables D’Olonne to see the construction of our new yacht


Memberships aren’t refundable.

Berth fees, once paid are not refundable, but may be transferrable to other people, subject to the Skipper's approval or could be turned into credit against any other Wavysail adventure. We will take each situation on a case by case basis.

In the unlikely event the expedition is cancelled, or the yacht is not completed, you will not need to pay any "Berth" fees and your membership benefits will continue, including up to 50% off all Wavysail trips until the end of December 2026

The Northwest Passage is the ultimate adventure, but it comes with no guarantees. While we plan meticulously, unexpected conditions like ice and weather can impact the journey. Our top priority is the safety of the crew and the vessel, so we won’t hesitate to return to a safe haven if conditions become risky. This isn’t the place to take unnecessary risks. 

At Wavysail, we typically welcome adventurers of all experience levels on our trips. However, the Northwest Passage is an exceptional challenge. We conduct interviews to ensure crew suitability. Ideal crew members have prior sailing experience including ocean passages, such as participation in the Clipper Race, the Fastnet or similar endeavours.

However, joining at Adventurer level doesn’t require previous sailing experience. There are opportunities for you to sail on this remarkable yacht, even if you have very limited prior sailing experience.

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