Open Oceans - First recipient sets sail

We join Rohan as he sets sail from Oban, Scotland with Wavysail

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

It was such a pleasure to meet with Rohan who is the first recipient of our Open Oceans Grant, launched in collaboration with Kate Appleby of Adaptive Adventurers. 

We set up Open Oceans to provide a fully funded place on Wavysail adventurers for those who would not have the means, or the possibility to join us normally. Rohan was nominated after he gave up a promising career to become full time carer over twenty years ago which has limited his opportunities for travel and adventure.

I met up with Rohan as he joined us aboard "Big Blue", about to set out on the adventure of a lifetime, touring the Scottish coastline under the expert leadership of Jim Dobie, our lead skipper in the UK. With limited sailing experience, but a huge passion for exploration, Rohan was a little nervous, but also incredibly excited about the trip ahead.

First Receiver of the Wavysail Open Oceans grant on board "Big Blue"

"It's really amazing - whatever happens, it will be the best experience" - he told me as we chatted in the comfy below decks of Big Blue.

Since Rohan has not travelled outside London for quite some time, and never undertaken any sailing, we were incredibly grateful that Berghaus generously stepped in to provide Rohan with all the gear he needs to be comfortable in the fickle Scottish weather. Fleece, showerproof trousers and several long and short-sleeved tops will keep him warm and dry whatever Scotland throws at us over the coming days. We provide full-on specialist foul weather gear as well so Rohan is all set for the adventure!

Rohan, sitting in the saloon of "Big Blue", on the Wavysail Scottish adventure sail

The Scottish adventure departs from the beautiful town of Oban. We adapt the exact itinerary according to the experience and wishes of the crew, as well as the weather but sure to include lots of the wild and incredible scenery of the Scottish coast such as Tobermory and maybe out to the wilderness of St Kilda and Fingal's cave.

The trip is very much hands-on and Rohan has already been getting to grips with 'passage planning' as well as the practical side of sailing - helming and trimming, learning to read and feel the wind.

Sunrise in the Scottish Highlands, taken from Big Blue during the Wavysail Scottish adventure sail

We are so happy to welcome Rohan on board this wonderful adventure. Thank you to our partners, especially to Berghaus who have supported the launch of Open Oceans. We are now working to expand Open Oceans to all Wavysail trips, worldwide - opening the spirit of adventure and exploration to many more people, like Rohan.

Watch this space for details, or check out the details of our Scottish adventure here :Wavysail Scottish adventure

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