Wavy and the crew have made safe anchor at St Helena island!

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

After several false starts and numerous goodbyes, the weather finally decided to play the game and they were able to set sail from Cape Town, South Africa on the 26 October at around 3am.

The first bit of their trip included sighting of many whales, seals, dolphins and even sharks! And after 560 miles of sailing they anchored for a short 5-day stop in the town of Luderitz, Namibia. This allowed the crew to explore this historic, slow-pace-of-life, Germanic provincial port-town of fishermen, where they were gladly welcomed by the locals who ‘loved to chat’. The crew happened to arrive on the day the yacht club celebrated Oktoberfest and the town turned out in force - with Bavarian music, people dressed up, German beer games and generally a lot of chatting, dancing and laughing... Before setting sail the following Monday - 1st November - heading towards St Helena Island. The crew boasted incredible meals including freshly cooked crepes, french toast, spaghetti bolognaise, sweet and sour pork and even a Black Forest Gateau. Through the guidance of Wavy, the crew learnt exact procedures to operate an asymmetric and spinnaker sail to avoid any "foredeck incidents”.  The crew have bonded over the highs and lows experienced when sailing - one particular ‘incident’ where a member of the crew got slapped in the head by quite a large smelly flying fish, jumping onboard… Whether that is classified as a high or a low, will depend on which member of the crew you ask! The crew eagerly anticipated checking-in to The Blue Lantern Hotel, on St Helena Island, with its hot showers, soft beds and beer ‘with their names on it’, and look forward to exploring this picturesque island with all its beauty, history, flora and fauna.