South Africa · January 22 - February 27 2024

Bermuda Crew Reunion Sail

A fantastic combination of hands-on sailing, reconnecting with friends and exploring a magical destination



A fabulous opportunity to reunite the crew of "GotoBermuda" for some REAL sailing adventure. Departing Cape Town, the leg 1 crew will sail direct to Saint Helena Island - with a following breeze, it's beautiful sailing. Dolphins and whales often join us and the pace will be relaxed. Then, 10 days later, St Helena appears - a magical, sub-tropical island in the middle of the South Atlantic. The 'return' leg crew will fly onto the island as "Aurora" arrives, meaning we will get everyone together and explore, relax and reconnect. Lots to see like Napoleons last resting place, meet Johnathan, the worlds oldest living land animal or trek into the island. We will include bed & breakfast on the island for everyone. The return leg will go deep into the South Atlantic, reaching almost to Tristan Da Cunha - dynamic conditions and plenty of opportunity to get those Foulies wet before refinding Cape Town. Each leg is around 3 weeks including time on island (leg 2 slightly longer than leg 1) - join one leg, or both.




Sail the Atlantic. This is not the North Atlantic that “everyone” does – This is the South Atlantic. Massive, desolate and isolated.  The whole trip (both legs) will cover over 4,500 incredible sea miles. Leg 1 is just over 2,000 miles and Leg 2 around 2,500.



It's all about sailing together, having a beer together - Sailing brought us together. Lets celebrate it!



Five days on St Helena island, with accommodation included - surely a “must see” destination where you can visit Napoleon's tomb, see the world's oldest living animal and hike the islands vast subtropical forests. Wavysail crews are always welcomed by the islanders who will go out of their way to make this a highlight of the trip.


Skipper - Wavy Immelman

Skipper - Wavy Immelman

OF COURSE. There is only one leader for this expedition. Wavy in his home waters, doing what Wavy does best. Expect 80's rock, the odd cigarette break and a whole lot of strong black coffee!

Wavy will be supported by a 1st mate. Since this is a "Bermuda reunion", it makes sense that the 1st mate should be part of the Bermuda family. Somebody who sails, organizes and bakes a proper loaf of bread...confirmation to follow!

First Mate - to be announced

First Mate - to be announced

Wavy will be ably supported by a first mate ... and it's somebody you all know.






Your journey starts and ends in Cape Town at the Royal Cape Yacht Club. Dates are approximate.

Leg 1 Crew will arrive on the island on the 7th February - you can fly out of St Helena airport (to Jo'burg) with Airlink on either 11th or 13th

Leg 2 Crew will fly onto the island from Jo'burg with Airlink on either 3rd or 6th February.

Flights are not included in the price -  The island is served by Airlink from Jo'burg and the flight time is around 3 hours. The price of a one way ticket is currently £320. Book early as there are only two flights a week! 

We will arrange transfers from the airport to the hotel - we have lots of friends on the island, so you will be well looked after!



After a couple of days 'prep' in Cape Town, getting to know "Aurora", passage planning and Victualling, we'll head out of Royal Cape Yacht Club and start our gentle sail towards St Helena. 

The weather is normally good (this will be summer!) so it will be a lovely sail with friends .. baking bread, perhaps getting the 'kite' up and watching the world go by. Aurora is not luxurious, but she is comfortable and sails beautifully.



A magical island of just 4,500 people and every one of them will wave, say hello and be willing to help you. It's got hiking trails, sub-tropical forests, a sleepy, quintessentially British market town, perfect for sipping a cold beer and watching the sun go down. We can arrange day trips out and about for those that want to explore...

St Helena remains one of the world’s most isolated places – only accessible by boat until a couple of years ago and still wonderfully remote and unspoilt.  Once ashore, we settle into the cosy Blue Lantern hotel (Bed and Breakfast is included in the trip cost). You can visit Napoleon’s house and indeed his tomb or you can say hello to Jonathan the tortoise, the world’s oldest living animal (190years old!). Relax with a beer in the old-world charm of Jamestown or take a hike into the Jungle on one of the ‘post-box’ trails. 

There is so much to do and see. St Helena always gives Wavysail crew a fabulous welcome. We will spend around 5 days on the island. 

Bed and Breakfast is included in the trip cost so your additional expenses are for lunch, dinner and any additional sightseeing you wish to do. We normally suggest a budget of £50 per day to cover lunch and dinner. The currency is GBP but beware that it is essentially a cash economy - there are no cash machines and neither Debit nor credit cards work, except at the bank - bring GBP with you, or expect to queue at the bank to draw cash - it's old school!

There are only two countries in the world not covered by international roaming contracts on mobile. China and St Helena island. Your phone will not work. You can buy a local SIM card, but St Helena claim to fame is the most expensive data in the world. £10 for 10MB. Don't expect to Instagram your every move on St Helena...Just switch the phone off, chat to people and embrace the beauty of friendly island life.



The return to Cape Town is a true expedition sail. Heading out into the wild South Atlantic, routing towards Tristan Da Cunha, you will experience every kind of weather and, at times, this is really challenging sailing where you will make use of everything you’ve learned about sailing! Out here is the perfect place to practice Celestial Navigation.  It’s a long leg and when Cape town appears on the horizon, you will be ready for a fully cold beer ... we call it an 'epic voyage' and you will know why when you've completed it!

What's Included

What's Included

Sailing instruction from a world leading skipper, and experienced 1st mate

Celestial Navigation practice and training

5 nights bed and breakfast on St Helena island

Over 4,500miles of ocean sailing logged

Full safety briefing and all required safety equipment

Flights to and from Cape Town

Medical insurance - please ask us for advice

Any extra tours or activities done during stopovers


Sailing Route & Boat

LEG 1 : We have a couple of days prep in Cape Town, then cast off from Royal cape yacht club, striking out across the South Atlantic to St Helena island. We will spend five days on the island with other Bermuda crew

LEG 2:  After exploring the island, leg 1 crew fly home while leg 2 crew follow the St Helena weather system south towards Tristan da cunha before turning East, arriving back at Cape Town.


You'll Be Staying Here



Aurora is an Atlantic '49. Well suited to the trip and well equipped. Your have your own berth with plenty of space for luggage in a shared cabin. 

“Aurora” has four cabins, Each cabin has two berths (bunk style) and it’s own ‘heads’ and basin. Pretty luxurious compared to a '70!

Blue Lantern Bed & Breakfast

Blue Lantern Bed & Breakfast

We will stay with our 'friends' Dustin and Keith at the Blue Lantern bed and breakfast. Situated in the middle of Jamestown, just minutes from the harbour and town centre. 

The welcome is always fantastic and, if we're honest, Wavysail crews are always especially treated like VIPs ...


We supply life-jackets and all safety equipment. You may bring your own foul weather gear, or we can loan you some if required. We'll send out a detailed kit list before the trip

You should take medical travel insurance for off-shore sailing. We can advise providers. It should cost not more than about £50 for the trip. 

You will also need insurance for St Helena island (this is a requirement from the island) - Best is to get this from Solomons insurance, based on the island - again we will share details of how to do this. The cost is around £20

We will give first opportunity to Bermuda crew. if places are available we will open to partners and friends, but this is essentially a trip we are putting together for those who sailed on Bermuda.

HOWEVER,  family and friends (supporters) are always looked after on our trips - we do daily blogs for supporters, have a dedicated "shore contact" on hand 24/7 to answer any questions and encourage supporters to message the boat. Typically, with a crew of six, we have over 100 supporters!!!

Supporters can also arrange to meet us on the island - we will help them arrange accommodation at discounted rates on the island.

Mobile phones will not work for most of the voyage and Internet connection on St Helena island is very expensive. However, we actively encourage “Supporters” (friends and family) to join in with your adventure. We create a supporters group and each day, share a Blog, written from the boat. Supporters and crew can exchange short messages via our ship’s email account. Each trip has a dedicated shore contact who will be there for the supporters - answering their questions and making sure they keep fully up to date with your adventure - we often have 150 supporters following the trip!

We are running this trip at a heavily discounted rate because we just want to get everyone together for a reunion sail. We also 'cancelled' a regular commercial trip to make space for it so we do need to ask your commitment earlier than usual.

10% will hold a place (there are only 6 places each leg) - this is fully refundable if you change your mind until August 1st '23

40% payment to be made by August 1st 2023 - Refundable less the 10% until November 1st if you need to change plans

50% balance to be made by end November 2023 - not refundable (but always talk to us - we're pretty reasonable people)

If we cancel the trip or have to amend it, we will refund you...

Included in the price of the trip is 5 or 6 nights accommodation, bed and breakfast at the Blue Lantern Hotel.  

LEG 1 : This is based on leg 1 crew arriving on the island on 7th Feb and flying out on the 11th Feb

LEG 2 This is based on Leg 2 crew arriving on the 6th Feb and departing on the 11th. If we are delayed in departing St Helena island, Wavysail will cover additional accommodation costs.

If Leg 1 Crew wish to extend your stay, or leg 2 wish to arrive earlier, please let us know in advance. We will book the additional nights for you directly with Blue Lantern at our discounted rate (approx. £50 per person per night). Likewise, if you wish for friends to join you on the island, let us know and we will arrange this directly with Blue Lantern so everyone is together. You will need to pay Wavysail directly in advance for us to secure the additional times for you. Full details will be shared nearer the time.

Bermuda Crew Reunion Sail

South Africa · January 22 - February 27 2024 · 36 nights