United Kingdom · September 16 - 18 2022

Knox-Johnston Cup

A rag-tag bunch of sailors take on the island in pursuit of glory (or beer)



The intrepid crew that came together over whiskey and water reform to take on the inaugural Knox-Johnston cup. It's going to be fun, fun , fun - lets hope this time Emily lets us shake those reefs out completely and get the toe-rails in the water :-)


We will only run the trip if we get the minimum 6 people to join and if Clipper confirm Emily / Riccardo as Skipper and first mate. We will refund 100% of all money paid in the event that we are unable to run the trip according to everyone's satisfaction

We are running the trip on a cost share basis - The cost will be divided by the number of crew. The initial 'price' is based on having a crew of 6. If we get more people than this, the balance price that you need to pay will be reduced accordingly.

We will request that Emily and Riccardo are Skipper and 1st Mate for the trip. 

This is initially only for the 'original' Oban delivery crew. If you want to bring friends or partners along, that is fine, but please let me know in advance.

We are not opening the trip to the general public and will not market it on our website - it's a private trip to get us all back together and do some fun sailing :-)

Knox-Johnston Cup

United Kingdom · September 16 - 18 2022 · 2 nights