A new crew prepare for ocean adventure

We welcome six new crew at Cape Town

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

Who would believe this is winter?

 The sun shone gloriously as our new crew met at the Royal Cape Yacht Club cafe for the first time on Monday morning before heading over to 'Aurora' which will be their home for the next 45days. 

The crew met Nick and Alexandra, Wavysail Skipper and first mate for this trip, who will be their guide and mentor as they head out across the wide ocean to St Helena island, over 2.000miles away in the middle of the South Atlantic. 

The crew come from a variety of backgrounds, some have sailed a lot while, for others, this will be the furthest they have ventured out to sea. What lies ahead is a fabulous adventure, rich in wildlife, rich in the majesty of the open ocean and rich in the wonderful welcome that awaits them on St Helena island. However, for this week it's all about getting to know each other and learning what it takes to prepare for a major ocean crossing - Wavysail is a 'hands-on' adventure, so the guys will be preparing a meal plan, learning about passage planning and, most importantly, learning how to stay safe on board while also looking out for each other.

The weather in the South Atlantic at this time of year can be dramatic, with low pressure systems creating big swells and exciting sailing conditions - Aurora is fully equipped for every kind of weather and Nick is hugely experienced, having circumnavigated the world more than once - For the crew, it promises to be a true adventure with highs and lows in equal measure...and I know, when they return, they will forever remember the next 6 weeks with a sense of achievement and having made friends for life.

We look forward to waving you off this Friday on your adventure - and welcoming you back for coffee at the RCYC in about six weeks time - full of stories, learning and a passion for adventure on the high seas.