Arrival at St Helena

Daily Blog of the Cape Town to St Helena adventure sail - October 2021

Wavy Immelman
by Wavy Immelman ·

Hi All,

Well the news is that we are still sitting looking at the Island. No sign of the Health department, so we are holding thumbs that they will come today.

However all was not lost, we managed to get an on board delivery of a case of beer. The guys were really happy. We sat in the cockpit and enjoyed our beers. But sailors being sailors, we ran out... So onto the VHF and a second order. Sure enough the friendly and helpful harbour staff brought them out to us with the ferry. That lasted a little longer. With very little to do on board and no watches to be stood, we were all fast asleep by 2130.

Today all up fresh and early after a good night’s sleep, we are going to continue with on board theory training and make the most of the time.

So with that I have the whole crew in front of me so I'd better get on with it.


Wavy and a hopeful crew