On our way home (just 20 days to go!)

Island adventure on St Helena and prepping for home

Wavy Immelman
by Wavy Immelman ·

Welcome back to our on-board adventures.

Just to start with I thought that we would go through a few of our on land adventures on St Helena.  We all passed our Covid 19 tests and were allowed on to the island which was a great relief after waiting on it for two days. 

With the frustration over, we headed ashore and cleared into the country.  This takes longer to do than arrival by air because you need to go to multiple places, around town to ensure the right stamps are in the right books - Basically, it took most of the morning, wandering around town finding the correct offices and people. 

With all the admin etc. finally behind us, we went looking for accommodation and tours etc, plus some food. It was a Wednesday and on a Wednesday afternoon the island is basically closed. Luckily Hazel at the Consulate Hotel could provide us with  lunch. The guys then sat on their phones with wifi, and caught up on their phone junkie time. 

The next few days were spent prepping the boat for sea. and the guys also managed a tour of the island on Friday morning which was a welcome change from 'boat time' after so long at sea.

Then, the weekend came and the relaxing started. The island was holding their annual Oktober Fest, at a place called the Mule Yard. Very festive, with dancing and German Beer, great conversation and loads of laughter. We also met the skipper/owners of the other three boats that were moored with us. Lovely people who have been either stuck on the island or have chosen to stay since the Covid pandemic started. Poor Harry on his boat Moyo, was cleaning an entire marine eco-system from below his hull which had grown up over the last year.

Saturday and Sunday were for more relaxing, but by Monday I think all of us wanted to get going and first thing yesterday we cleared and headed to the boat. Paid our dues and were off. 

About a mile out, I put my hand in my pocket and what come out... The key to my room! No problem we headed over to the nearest island fishing boat, the 'John Mellis' and kindly asked them to return it for us. This of course was received with huge laughter but they are islanders and happy to help - thank you for saving us although. I must admit I felt a bit of an idiot finding that key in my pocket.

With the wind now just forward of the beam, the boat is healing to starboard and life is really at an angle. Cai made his first two loaves of bread. They were great however his timing was a little out and we finally ate lunch at around four in the afternoon. By this time, I was starving and was very happy with anything to eat. Not to worry thought Cai's bread was fresh crisp and well worth the wait.

Last night was probably the darkest and quietest night we have had. The crew were very sedate and the first evening feeling was hovering over us all. That strange feeling of this is my life for the next 20 days. At least our forecast is looking good at the moment, so then next 20 days is looking promising.

Speak soon