Calm winds, chocolate brownies and a bit of food safety

The crew discover why food rotation is important

Wavy Immelman
by Wavy Immelman ·

Hello All,

Well it has been a quiet twenty four hours. Not much wind, under ten knots, which forced us to motor since about 4pm yesterday afternoon. Thankfully the wind has filled in a bit again and we are back on track, doing around six knots sailing. Motoring we only get about 4 knots of boat speed. Slow noisy and boring. ☹

Otherwise, Tracy and Jack are now fine, with all signs of the green monster gone. In fact, they are on watch together right now and I can hear them giggling...a proper sign of no sea sickness. I once heard a sailor say "that when you are getting sea sick you THINK you are going to die, but when you are sea sick you WISH you were dead!" I can say either way as I have never been sea sick, but I hear it sounds correct.

Jack also managed to bake us Brownies yesterday afternoon, which was a really nice little treat. However the best was when I was tidying the galley this morning I found two that had not been eaten. Brilliant we shared Brownies for breakfast. Really healthy breakfasts on a Wavysail adventure!

Talking about food, which we seem to do a lot, we need to clean out the fridge/freezer every 10 days or so, as the continuous on and off means a water builds up in the bottom. This, we try to do at midnight as it is coolest then so things don't defrost too much. Well duly last night I dug in... And found container after container of leftovers in the bottom of the fridge. Some were growing very real science experiments. We had all different types of penicillin and some that I'm sure have not been identified yet. Perhaps we have just invented the cure for Covid in the Aurora fridge science lab. Anyway all cleaned up and a “food safety” training to be arranged with the crew.

It is looking good for some sun sights today so I am off to wake the sleepy heads and get them to start staring at the sun, in the hope they can find our position in the Atlantic.

Chat later


Wavy and Crew