Doing what we can...#Dontsailby

All profits from our 2022 Croatian sailing trips will be donated to Unicef to support Children in crisis in Ukraine. J

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

A key principle of sailing is that when we see others in distress, we do what we can to support. We do not sail by. Like many others, we have watched events unfold in Ukraine with horror. 

As a small business, we want to support those civilians caught in the violence. We have therefore decided to donate all profits from our 2022 Eastern European trips to Unicef to be used to support Ukrainian children caught in the crisis.

You can donate by joining our trips (if we have more demand, we will add more trips and every penny of profit will be donated to Unicef  - see trip details: - Click here to see our Croatian Trips 2022

We have also set up a dedicated Funding channel "Don't sail by". You can donate directly here:- Dontsailby - donations

All donations will be matched by the founders of Wavysail, doubling the amount raised and shared to Unicef.

We ask our trusted partners and suppliers to share this widely.


Sail with us. Donate through us. Please don't sail by.

Andrew and Wavy