"Open Oceans" launch - 100% funded sailing

Aimed at those with an explorer mindset but without the means to join an expedition, we are giving the opportunity to experience a full on Sailing adventure, Wavysail and Adaptive Adventurers launch a grant to help deserving people access the ocean

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

Today, it gives us great pleasure to open the nominations for our "Open Oceans" grant. A jointly funded grant by Wavysail and Adaptive Adventurers which will allow one deserving person the opportunity to join our ten day Scottish sailing adventure this August completely free of charge.

We know that sailing is great therapy for the soul - out on the ocean we learn to live together, look out for each other and find peace in the wide openness of nature. Sailing teaches us the importance of looking out for each other, irrespective of level of experience, background or specific individual needs - we are all equal.

Sadly, many people who dream of crossing oceans, never get to do it - the barriers may be financial or, more often, because we just don't believe we're capable of living on a small yacht for an extended period of time.

This is especially true of those living with anxiety or some chronic condition that keeps the spirit of adventure nothing more than a dream.

That's why we partnered with Kate Appleby and Adaptive Adventurers. Kate is a leading advocate for making the outdoors accessible to everyone, encouraging them to enjoy the mental health benefits of exploration irrespective of the challenges they face. Together, we have created the "Open Oceans Grant" that provides fully funded places on Wavysail adventures for those who might otherwise not be able to experience this. 

Adapting to individual needs is already a core part of Wavysail - We limit group size to six people and spend time before the trip to contact each crew member to understand how we can adapt things to ensure each person is well looked after.  Our adventures are all led by world-leading sailors who have over 1/2million miles of experience behind them - provided we can adapt things to keep you and the other crew safe, the trips are open to everyone, even if they have never sailed before - it makes us well placed to work together with Kate to bring Ocean sailing to a wider audience.

The first grant is for a place on our Scottish Adventure sail with Jim Dobie. The trip will start and end in Oban, Scotland and includes ten glorious days exploring the Scottish coast. For full details of the trip, click the link at the end of this page.

Then, If you or somebody you know would love to set sail with us, but wouldn't normally have the courage to join the trip, you can find more details and the nomination form for the Open Oceans Grant by following the link below.

Click here to:  Discover more about the trip



Nominations open until 14th July