What to do after the Golden Globe Race?

After almost a year at sea, we are excited to welcome Guy Waites back from his incredible Golden Globe Circumnavigation, to rejoin Wavysail

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

Like many people, we have been closely following the Golden Globe 22/23 race as it draws to a conclusion.

While a lot of the focus is on the finishers of this epic challenge, with well deserved media attention being given to overall winner, Kirsten Neuschäfer and Simon Curwen who actually crossed the line first (albeit in Chichester class) after 234 days at sea, we salute every entrant to this incredible challenge; to those who finished, those who retired and especially to those who are still out there, focused on finishing what is arguably the greatest sailing challenge of our time. We have nothing but admiration for everyone who stood up to attempt this adventure.

Just getting to the start line was already a challenge that would defeat most experienced sailors. Finding and preparing a yacht, fitting her out and getting to Les Sables D'Olonne before race start was an incredible feat in itself. Then, consider the voyage -  circumnavigating the world using only the same equipment that was available to sailing legends like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on Suhaili in 1968. That means no GPS, chart plotters, electronic wind instruments, electric autopilots, electronic log, iPhones, digital cameras, computers or Carbon fibre. Instead, it's back to a traditional wooden hull, sextants, wind up clocks, trailing logs and Dacron sails - to even attempt this requires a sailor of extraordinary courage, experience and 'old fashioned' explorer mindset which is rare in our modern world of convenient, high tech and always-connected sailing.

Our very own Wavysail Skipper, Guy Waites is just such a person. 

Wavysail skipper, Guy Waites and his yacht "Sagamartha"

Guy already had long and proven sailing experience before embarking on the GGR, having crossed the Atlantic several times, skipper of "Dare to Lead" in the 19/20 edition of the Clipper Round the world yacht race and numerous sailing adventures, far more than we can recount here. He is also a wonderfully calm and patient person who is a joy to sail with.

His Golden Globe Race has been a roller-coaster of highs and lows - of perseverance in the face of every adversity, of barnacles and lost life-rafts. Of friends supporting him when he was forced into port, proving the sailing spirit of helping those in need is still alive - of a nail-biting The Route of the Golden Globe Race 2022rounding of the Cape in challenging conditions...but, above all what shines through is Guy's calm determination to keep going -  no matter if he was forced out of the official race, mainly through misfortune and timing, he is still out there, finishing what he started because the Golden Globe is, above all, a personal challenge and one that is open to everyone, but can only be accomplished by those of exceptional character.  

A combination of experience, expertise in the fundamentals of sailing, respect for the Ocean and the dangers that it poses, creative problem solving  and, above all, quiet grit and determination to go on. All things which Guy possesses in abundance and which mean I have every confidence that Guy will sail triumphantly into Les Sables D'Olonne in a few weeks...finishing his own race and forever standing tall in the short list of sailing legends that have achieved a solo circumnavigation using only traditional methods and tools.

When we set up Wavysail with the idea of creating small group, sailing adventures with world-leading, exceptional Skippers, Guy was one of the first people we called. He generously ran our UK trips for us in our first season after Covid lockdown which, despite the weather, proved to be a huge success thanks to his leadership. 

We are so thrilled that, after the best part of a year sailing round the world, Guy is as enthusiastic as ever to sail with us - He is expected into Les Sables D'Olonne in June and, just a few weeks later, he will head to Split in Croatia where he will lead our Wavysail Croatia Sailing Masterclass ... With just six places, there will be plenty of time to chat with Guy about his exploits and adventures during a week of hands-on sailing, sightseeing and relaxed exploring of Croatia's beautiful coastline. No doubt that this will be a special and memorable experience.

 You can find out more about this fabulous opportunity to sail with Guy here. Sail with Guy Waites in Croatia

Meanwhile, the whole Wavysail team wish him good speed, fair wind and a safe passage for the remaining miles of his race. We can't wait to see you again soon.

Andrew and Wavy