Wavysail and Adaptive Adventurers partnership

An exciting partnership to make ocean exploration more accessible

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

Today, we proudly announce an on-going partnership between Wavysail and Adaptive Adventurers.

Adaptive Adventurers is a charity founded by Kate Appleby, who, despite suffering from multiple chronic illnesses, actively pursues her passion as an adventurer: often scaling mountains, swimming in waterfalls, or camping in the wild.

Kate knows first hand that access to the outdoors and to adventure can be life-changing, but often perceived or real barriers stop those who would benefit most from getting involved.

She set up Adaptive Adventurers to help remove these barriers for anyone that wants to enjoy outdoor activities, regardless of ability, disability, age or health status.

Kate's passion for accessible adventure is completely aligned to the principles on which we built Wavysail and, since we met, we immediately wanted to work together. 

One of the founding principles of Wavysail is to make Ocean adventure accessible to everyone who has the passion to explore it.

It's why we don't specify limits or minimum experience levels, even on our "epic voyages", sailing the Atlantic to far flung destinations such as Saint Helena island. 

We can do this because we keep group size small - There are no more than six people on our sailing trips and our Ocean adventures are led by world leading skippers, each with more than 1/2 million miles of sailing experience behind them. We contact every guest before the sailing trips start and build the itinerary around the crew's specific needs.

Provided we can ensure your  safety, we are open to everyone. No previous sailing experience required. No macho stereotypes, just fantastic, life affirming sailing experiences open to anyone with a passion for exploration.

We are proud to be working together and we will be sharing exciting news very soon on how Adaptive Adventurers and Wavysail will make adventure sailing even more accessible.

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