Launch of "Gill Open Oceans Scotland"

We are pleased to announce Gill as the latest partner of the Open Oceans fund

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

Today, we are pleased to welcome Gill, the world-leading Marine apparel brand, as an official partner of the Open Oceans fund and the launch of "Gill Open Oceans Scotland".

Gill are generously supporting all our UK adventures this year, which allows us to offer four lucky recipients a fully funded place on Wavysail's Scottish adventures which run throughout July.

Open Oceans for everyone

Open Oceans places are funded (means free!) places on our trips which are open to anyone, over the age of 18 who wouldn't have the means, or perhaps the confidence to normally join a Wavysail sailing adventure. You can apply for yourself, or nominate somebody who you feel would benefit from experiencing the magic of a 10-day sailing adventure.

We never have more than 6 crew on our trips which means we can tailor to your individual needs and wishes. Our trips are all run by hugely experienced Skippers who will look after you even if you have not sailed before and you'll join a trip on our comfortable yacht "Big Blue of Yorn"

The magic of Scotland!

Scotland is a wonderful place to discover sailing. It's rocky and dramatic coastline ensures lots to see, from cosy little villages tucked away in coves to soaring, isolated islands like the isle of Staffa, home of Fingal's Cave. 

The weather can be changeable and the tides make sailing in Scotland exciting andThe isle of Staffa and Fingals Cave varied but you will be in safe hands with Jim Dobie, our expedition leader who has sailed all over the world, over hundreds of thousands of miles.

We have four trips through the summer. They have different itineraries, which take in the West coast of Scotland including Oban and the outer Hebrides. You can visit our website and see the specific details of each trip - click here to find out more CLICK HERE

All trips follow a similar structure which starts with a briefing call, where we give you all the information you need to ensure you are well prepared. You will also meet your fellow crew mates on WhatsApp so, by the time you get to the boat, you will feel you know everyone.

There are a maximum of six crew on the yacht, some who will have limited sailing experience and others who may have done quite a lot - each trip is different. We have mainly "solo" travelers of all ages and a 50:50 split between males and females.

The yacht is large and comfortable, perfectly adapted to this kind of sailing. You will have a cabin which you may share with one other person, but you have plenty of personal space. 

At the start of the trip, we will do a complete safety briefing and ensure you know where everything is. We will discuss the weather and the proposed route. Then, we set off.

During the voyage, you will be encouraged to get involved in all aspects of sailing the boat (with our guidance!) and learning to eat, sleep and live aboard. The crew will take turns to prepare breakfast and lunch (but don't worry, we have a menu plan and everything is easy!). For dinner, we either eat on board or may decide to go ashore. This very much depends on the wishes of the crew.

You will get a huge amount out of sailing together - dramatic coastlines, amazing wild-life and the joy of sailing together with a like minded crew. Many of our crews stay in touch long after the end of the trip and sometimes we even have "reunion" sails so groups can continue sailing together.

How do I apply?

Simply follow the link and complete the application form. Do complete it as fully as you can so we understand why you, or the person you nominate, wouldn't otherwise be able to join our trips and how it will benefit them. 

About six weeks before the trip date, we review all the applicants and select those we feel would benefit most from joining the trip. 

We will contact the recipient and give them the good news. We then work with you to answer all your questions and ensure you are well prepared for the adventure ahead. 

Our Scottish trips start on the first week of July so you need to apply before May 15th if you want to be considered. Don't hesitate!

Apply today - Click here!

What's included?

The funded place covers the full cost of the adventure itself. All you need to pay for is your travel to and from the trip and any money you might want to spend ashore. 

All food and drink on board is included as is all the safety gear you might need. 

We give you a full "kit list" but don't panic, any really specialist gear is either included or can be loaned to you free of charge for the trip.

The Scottish trips each last 10 days. On the first day, you will meet with the rest of the crew and the skipper and plan your voyage. The next days will be spent hands-on sailing around the beautiful Scottish coastline. You will surely learn a huge amount and have an experience to savour forever.

Who will be the rest of the crew?

Of course, each trip is different but most of our guests are solo travellers and generally a 50:50 split between males and females. 

Some people join with lots of sailing experience while others have never sailed at all - it doesn't matter because, as a crew, everyone works together. We set up a "WhatsApp group" before each trip so everyone gets to know each other before the trip.

If you want to be considered for one of the four places available on the "Gill Open Oceans Scottish adventures", or nominate somebody who deserves the experience of a lifetime, apply before the 15th May using the simple form. Click here