The AHOY Centre joins Wavysail Open Oceans

The AHOY Centre joins Open Oceans fund to make Ocean sailing accessible to dis-advantaged young people

Andrew Cowen
by Andrew Cowen ·

The Ahoy centre joins the Open Oceans fund

Today, we are pleased to welcome the latest partner to our Open Oceans Fund. "The Ahoy Centre" are an established, London based sailing charity, who have been helping young people get out on the water for over twenty years.

Ahoy exists to help those who otherwise wouldn't get to experience the life-affirming, benefits of getting out on the water - as such, their values align perfectly with our objectives when we set up the Open Oceans fund and we are excited to work together with them so that, together we can 

Making Ocean Sailing accessible

Through their partnership with Open Oceans, the Ahoy centre can offer deserving people the opportunity to join a major ocean adventure. The first two candidates have already been selected and will be flying out to Cape Town later this year to join a 4,500mile round trip to St Helena island. 

This kind of opportunity is truly life-changing. Not only will it be an incredible experience to join a 50day adventure in a small group, with a world-leading sailor, but the recipients will get to explore the wonderful paradise of St Helena island. We hope other students at "The Ahoy Centre" will follow their journey and also be inspired by what they could also achieve, no matter their background or the challenges they might have faced. 

How you can support the Ahoy centre so more deserving people can sail

The places are only made possible by the huge generosity of people who support the Ahoy center. If you wish to support a young person and give them the chance to join a fully funded ocean expedition, please consider contributing to the desdicated Ahoy Open Oceans "go-fundme" page here : - Just Giving 

We are proud to welcome Ahoy on board and look forward to Opening Ocean sailing to more deserving people together.